Breast cancer - pictures

Breast cancer - pictures


Breast cancer - is a disease in which malignant cells form in the tissues of the breast. The breast is made up of lobes and ducts. Each breast has 15 to 20 sections called lobes, which lobes are small sections called lobules. Breast cancer is sometimes found in women who are pregnant or have just given birth. Most cases of disease occur around the age of 50 years. In the last 20 years, cases of disease were greatly multiplied and spread among young women began to grow.

Breast cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

-Breast cancer symptoms vary from person to person. Some symptoms of breast cancer include:

skin changes such as swelling, redness, or other marked differences in one or both breasts

An increase in size and change in shape of the breast

Changes in the appearance of one or both nipples

general pain in / on any part of the breast

Breast lumps or knots inside

Specific symptoms of invasive breast cancer are as follows:

Irritation or itchy breasts

Change the color of the breast

The increase in breast size or shape (in a short period of time)

Peeling or flaking of the nipple skin

A breast lump

Breast cancer - Treatment

The types of treatment for breast cancer are:
1. surgical removal - removal processes are:
- Removal of the breast nodules preserved
- Removal of the entire breast (mastectomy)
2. Radiation
3. Chemotherapy
4. Hormone therapy with tamoxifen or an aromatase inhibitor
5. Biologic therapy with monoclonal antibodies that block the HER-2 protein (this therapy is sometimes used to treat breast cancer that has metastasized to other parts of the body).