Jaw cancer - pictures

Jaw cancer - pictures


Jaw cancer - develop the bone structure of the jaw. Cancer cell growth, limited jaw movement and sometimes mouth opening can be quite painful and uncomfortable. Maxillary cancer can spread rapidly and affect other body parts.

Jaw cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

- People suffering from cancer can not chew food properly jaw due to pain. Other symptoms of cancer of the jaw are shown below:
- Swollen Jaw
The development of malignant tumor in the jaw, not only causes extreme pain, but also lead to swelling of the jaw.

Numbness or tingling in jaw
This may be one of the symptoms the patient has cancer jaw tingling, along the jaw line, when the jaw is in motion. This sensation is felt especially during sleep.

Abnormal growth of the jaw bone
A thorough examination oral discover a node tissue pain around the jaw. Jaw cancer can be clearly detected using X-rays

Jaw cancer - Treatment

Cancer treatment requires the use of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. However, the most preferred treatment method is surgery.