Kidney Cancer - pictures

Kidney Cancer - pictures


Kidney Cancer - is cancer cells (malignant) can occur in the kidneys. In adults, the most common type of kidney cancer is renal cell carcinoma. Other less common types of cancer that may occur renal carcinoma cell transition, which affects the ureters, may also begin in the kidney. Children are more likely to develop a kind of kidney cancer called "Wilms' tumor.

Kidney Cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

-Kidney cancer rarely gives signs or symptoms in the early stages. In later stages, kidney cancer signs and symptoms may include:

Blood in the urine, which can be pink, red or colored

Back pain just below the ribs that does not go away

Weight loss


erratic fevers

Kidney Cancer - Treatment

Surgery is the initial treatment for most cancer of the kidney. Surgical procedures used to treat kidney cancer include:

- Removal of the affected kidney
- Removal of the tumor in the kidney

Treatment when surgery is not possible:

- Blocking blood flow to the tumor (embolization).
- Freezing Treatment of cancer cells (cryoablation).
- Heat Treatment of cancer cells (radiofrequency).