Larynx cancer - pictures

Larynx cancer - pictures


Larynx cancer - can develop in any part of the larynx. Most laryngeal cancers are squamous epithelium, a thin lining of the larynx consists of flat cells. This type of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Some of the other types of laryngeal cancer can form in the glands (adenocarcinomas) or tissues (chondrosarcomas). Larynx cancer is also often generally classified as cancer of the head and neck.

Larynx cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

- The symptoms of laryngeal cancer may depend on the region where installs in larynx cancer. For example, cancer can affect vocal cords and cause hoarseness or other voice changes. Some of the symptoms of laryngeal cancer are a sore throat or a persistent cough, symptoms may initially appear a cold.

More specifically, laryngeal cancer may cause the following symptoms:

A lump in the throat or neck

A persistent neck pain

Problems swallowing (dysphagia)

Difficulty breathing

Unexplained weight loss

common cough

Change the voice or hoarseness

ear pain or hearing problems


Larynx cancer - Treatment

Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are three common forms of treatment for laryngeal cancer.