Leukemia - pictures

Leukemia - pictures


Leukemia - It is a cancer of the blood cells. Blood cells are produced in bone marrow, which is present in most of the bone tissue. In leukemia, the bone marrow starts to produce too many white blood cells (white blood cells) and sometimes they no longer fulfill his duties. These cells multiply continuously being normal to stop the process. They can have a more rapid cell division than the other cells. Over time, these abnormal cells replace normal cells get - leukocytes, erythrocytes and platelets. Leukocytes are designed to help your body fight infections. Red blood cells are designed to ensure good oxygenation at the cellular level necessary for the proper functioning of the body and platelets help to stop bleeding.

By the time these leukemia cells replace normal blood can no longer perform the functions. Following bleeding and bruising may occur (bruising) easily, there may be a continuous tiredness or persons fall ill frequently.

Leukemia - Signs, symptoms and causes

-Symptoms depend on how advanced the disease is and may include:
- Fever and night sweats
- Frequent infections and unusual
- Asthenia and fatigue (tiredness)
- Headache (headache)
- Bruising (bruises) on the body and bleeding gums, and rectum
- Enlargement of the abdomen, pain in the left or right shoulder its due to enlarged spleen
- Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, neck or groin level
- Decreased appetite and weight loss because there is a feeling of fullness.
Chronic forms of leukemia, most often than not give any symptoms when the disease is advanced.

Leukemiaa - Treatment

The goal of treatment is to destroy leukemia cancer cells and allows healthy cells and normal bone marrow to form. Decisions regarding treatment are based on the type of leukemia, disease stage, patient age he has, but also general health.