Liver Cancer - pictures

Liver Cancer - pictures


Liver Cancer - malignant tumor of the liver. It usually occurs as a metastasis from another cancer, symptoms include loss of appetite, weakness, bloating, jaundice and upper abdominal discomfort. There are two types of liver cancer:

Liver Cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

-- Primitive liver cancer - cancer of the liver primitive is quite rare in Europe and America, it is more common in Africa and Asia. HCC is the most common of liver tumors; it occurs in 20% of cases on a healthy liver, most commonly the liver reached preexisting liver disease give (cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis).
Symptoms and signs - HCC liver translates into a great landmark to palpation and by a pseudo-infectious febrile state. He causes moderate pain localized in the upper abdomen.
Diagnosis and evolution - can be diagnosed based on ultrasound and liver biopsy ,, scanografiei guided by ultrasound. The risk of metastases, mainly lung and bone, is important.

Treatment - removing the tumor by surgery when this is possible or partial hepatectomy. It may also consider a liver transplant. In early forms that does not involve surgery, treatment may be based on general or local chemotherapy. Prevention primitive liver tumors relies on the fight against alcoholism, the vaccination against hepatitis B and C and the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C.

Secondary liver cancer - it can occur during any other cancer, however, it is more common digestive cancers (colon, stomach, pancreas, biliary) and gynecological cancers (uterus, ovaries, breasts).
Symptoms and signs - secondary cancer of the liver may translate into a deterioration of general condition or a jaundice. Clinical examination may reveal to touch a large nodular liver ("liver chestnut"), painful or not.

Liver Cancer - Treatment

The diagnosis is based on ultrasound and biopsy scenography indispensable to confirm achieve liver. Treatment, if possible, is surgical (tumor ablation). In diffuse forms using general or local chemotherapy (injecting the product in a catheter inserted into the hepatic artery).