Nasal Cancer - pictures

Nasal Cancer - pictures


Nasal Cancer - Nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer is rare. Men are more likely than women to do, most patients were over 45 years old. There are no symptoms at first, and later symptoms may be similar to various infections. This means that cancer is found only when advanced, making it harder to treat.

Nasal Cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

-Nasal and paranasal cancer cancers can cause symptoms below

Nas Problems

Jams right side of the nose that will not go away


Decreased sense of smell

Eye Problems

the presence of a swelling of the face or around the eye

total or partial loss of vision

double vision

Eye pain above or below

A watery eyes, tears pouring down her cheek

Other symptoms

Other symptoms may include bumps or increase anywhere on the face, nose or mouth, pain or numbness in parts of the face, teeth, difficulty opening the mouth.

Nasal Cancer - Treatment

Cancer Treatment and nasal sinuses cancer is surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.