Penis cancer - pictures

Penis cancer - pictures


Penis cancer - It is a rare form of cancer, a disease in which cancer cells (malignant) can occur anywhere along the shaft of the penis, but most are on the foreskin or head of the penis (glans). Men without circumcision may have a higher risk of cancer from penis

Penis cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

-Symptoms of penile cancer usually starts as a bulge or lesion on his penis elevation. It can start as unexplained change in skin color. Other symptoms:

A stain, an open wound, or a lump-wart penis.

Unusual liquid discharges from the penis.

Pain or bleeding in the genital area.

Penis cancer - Treatment

A doctor who specializes in genitourinary tract (urologist) is usually the first point for patient diagnosis is cancer of the penis. Once there is a diagnosis of cancer, a cancer specialist (oncologist) will determine the stage of cancer and recommend appropriate treatments. Treatment may consist of all or part amputation of the penis. Other methods of treatment include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy.