Testis cancer - pictures

Testis cancer - pictures


Testis cancer - It is a disease of the testicle, which undiagnosed and untreated in time it can be generalized. It occurs when developing the prenhimul (tissue) cells testicular abnormalities, increased reproductive potential, chaotic and body is not able to limit the physiological processes that increase.

Testis cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

-Symptoms may include one or more of the following signals:
- In most cases, the first sign of the disease is a change in volume or shape of one or both testicles - normally they are not identical in size but Testicular cancer can occur in a decrease or increase up to three times the volume ;
- Swelling and / or a cystic formation in one or both testicles;
- Sensation of heaviness in the scrotum;
- Painful embarrassment feeling in the lower abdomen, groin or lower back, lumbago;
- Decreased libido (sex drive);
- The emergence of fluid in scrotal bag;
- The occurrence of traces of blood in semen;
- Tiredness, general weakness.

Testis cancer - Treatment

Testicular cancer is treated by:
- Orchiectomy (surgical removal of the testicle ill) will be executed if palpatoriu exam, testicular ultrasound and biopsy confirmed testicular cancer. In cases of generalized disease will proceed chemo and radiotherapy and consistent with existing treatment protocols in the literature.

NOTE: testicular self-exam is the quickest way to detect any changes in terms of health and especially the testicles is the easiest method of preventing testicular cancer.

- The best time for an examination of the testicles is after a shower or bath, when the muscles are relaxed and descended testicles.
Stand in front of the mirror, the erect penis (or hold it in one hand) so that you can examine its visual, no problems, testes. You have to follow any changes in the shape or size of the testicles.