Tonsil cancer - pictures

Tonsil cancer - pictures


Cancer amygdala - the tonsils are small structures in the back of the neck, which are part of the immune system that helps protect against infections. There are different types of cancer tonsils: the back of the neck the last third of the tongue tissue ridges on each side of the tonsils soft palate tonsils.

Tonsil cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

- The largest risk factor of tonsil cancer is tobacco use, either as cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Similarly, frequent alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer of the tonsil.

Other risk factors for cancer of the tonsils include:


family history of oral or oropharyngeal cancer

lack of oral hygiene

pad lesions (red or white areas of irritation in the mouth)


- Tonsil cancer symptoms are:

Sore throat

Throat ulcers


loss of taste

Difficulty swallowing

Difficulty chewing

Localized pain (often radiating to the ears)

Swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

Tonsil cancer - Treatment

Tonsil cancer treatment, depends on the size of the tumor and the stage of development of cancer. Common treatments for treating cancer of the tonsils include any combination of the following: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical removal of tonsil cancer.