Urethra cancer - pictures

Urethra cancer - pictures


Urethra cancer - It is a rare type of cancer, a disease in which cells are malignant (cancerous) in the urethra. Although this body is higher in men than in women, urethral cancer has a similar incidence in both sexes. Usually, the age of onset is usually after the age of 55.

Urethra cancer - Signs, symptoms and causes

-Usually, urethra cancer patients in early stages of development, will be affected by blockage of the urethra, which prevents the passage of urine and removing it. The clinical picture is characterized by high urinary discomfort and disruption of the flow of urine. In other cases show that an infection, a burning sensation or burning on urination and elimination of urine mixed with pus. There may be a slight blood loss, single or mixed with urine. The mixture of blood urine is a common symptom of cancer of the urinary system in any but this is not direct evidence of the existence of cancer.

If you see some of these symptoms, do not hesitate to consult a specialist as soon as possible because there is the best treatment to fight cancer is diagnosed early, when still can heal.

Urethra cancer - Treatment

Treatment options depend on the following:

The stage of the cancer being in the urethra.

Sex and general health of the patient.

Whether the cancer has just been diagnosed or has recurred.

Treatment may include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy.