Plastic surgery A to Z

Chemical peeling - It is a very effective way to have beautiful skin, young and enviable. The reason for the fame of this method is that gives both men and women, a very effective way to make their skin smooth.

Chemical peeling - Signs, symptoms and causes

- Chemical peeling is a simple procedure which involves treating the skin with a mild acid dose. This will gradually make the outer surface of the skin because the skin's outer layer to die, by raising a fresh coat again. Acids used are, in general: - citric acid; Glycolic Acid; Lactic acid; Malic acid; Tartaric acid. After studying properly skin type and its sensitivity, dermatologist decide on the type of peeling and its concentration. Selection chemical agent also depends on the extent and skin damage.

Ese skin cleaned with soap and water to remove excess oil. Peeling agent is then applied lightly lesion or entire face. During or shortly after the procedure, the patient may have stinging or heat for several minutes.

Chemical peeling - Treatment

New skin will begin to form in the first week. The skin will be very red at first and while a return to pink for several months. Full cure takes 3-6 months. It is important to avoid direct or indirect exposure to the sun in this period, otherwise you'll have a mottled skin.