Plastic surgery A to Z

Expand tissue - It was first used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Currently its use has increased, including repairing skin damaged by trauma, excision of tumors or birth defects. Sometimes it is used for aesthetic purposes, as in the case of breast implants.

Expand tissue - Signs, symptoms and causes

- Tissue expansion works by stimulating the growth of new skin adjacent to a skin defect. The advantage of the skin's natural ability to stretch in the same manner as when a woman's abdomen during pregnancy is increasing. This is achieved by implanting a tissue expander, which is a

balloon-type device under the skin healthy. It is gradually inflated with saline injection fluid for a period of a few weeks. At first, show signs of thinning of the skin, while skin foundational layer of tissue thins due to pressure from the inflated balloon. The body develops a scar reaction around the balloon, adding the appearance of "too full". When skin has expanded to the desired degree, the balloon is removed with tissues deformed. The skin is repositioned and sutured, covering the defect.

Expand tissue - Treatment

After surgery to implant the expander, most patients resume their daily activities within 2-3 days. Because the expander is filled gradually, many patients intamoina weights to change their regular schedule until discharge.