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Implant testis - Testicular implant is an option for men with testicular cancer, or certain medical problems that require extraction testicles. Also for men with very small testis and testicular implant is unworkable and real option.

- Reconstruction after orchidectomy
- Reconstruction after trauma
- Correction of asymmetry
- Congenital

Implant testis - Signs, symptoms and causes

- The surgery is performed under general anesthesia or anesthetic in the spine (in this case the patient is awake but unable to feel anything from the waist down).

Testicle is normally removed through an incision in the scrotum area (similar to hernia surgery). You may need to take biopsies and healthy testicle; If necessary, it will be discussed with the patient before procedură.In place testicle removed testicular implant can be inserted.

Testicular implants with a smooth surface, are available in two different types, which are both suitable for attachment to tissue.

-gel silicone - implants are equipped with a short piece of Teflon removable guide the needle and thereby to prevent a puncture of the implant.

- Highly polymerized - testicular implants have a reinforced lid that allows the implant with a suture through the cover.

Implant testis - Treatment

Most patients will feel a local discomfort for 24-48 hours after surgery. It will prescribe pain medications if necessary. The dressings will sit on the scrotum for a few days. Perhaps you will feel more tired in the first few days will be more swollen scrotum more sensibilla touch. It will not be altered in any way urination.