Plastic surgery A to Z

Lifting the San (Breast lift) - Due to loss of skin elasticity, pierdereri weight, pregnancy and breastfeeding, they can affect the shape and firmness of the breasts in this case timp.In patients who are unhappy with the size of their breasts, a breast lift may attempt to lift the breasts have strengthened, improving overall appearance. If patients are dissatisfied because the surgery is lost breast volume in acasta situation can be both a lift and breast implant.

Lifting the San (Breast lift) - Signs, symptoms and causes

- The surgery involves three incisions that can: - around the areola incision is made, incision down from the lower edge of the areola in mammary sulcus and the third is horizontal beneath the breast. After removing excess skin, nipple and areola are arranged in a higher position.
There are some situations that can prevent both horizontal and vertical incision under the breasts, this is done depending on the particular aspect of the patient's breast.

Lifting the San (Breast lift) - Treatment

After the operation may be resumed after about two weeks with a moderate exercise.