Plastic surgery A to Z

Lip Augmentation - is the procedure that is injected collagen or fat to play a more sensual and fuller lips.

Lip Augmentation - Signs, symptoms and causes

- There are several procedures for lip enhancement.

- Various substances are inserted into the lips to produce their enlargement and shaping.

Collagen, using a fine needle is inserted into the lips. Preliminary testing is recommended due to possible allergic phenomena. This provides a

temporary lip augmentation 3/6 months, after which repeat.

Your own fat harvested from the abdomen, thighs is inserted through a needle injection. It has the advantage that there is no allergy. The results are temporary.

Autologen is collagen extracted from the patient, Autologen is used more often in lip augmentation and has a longer .. It is recommended 2-4 injections every 1-3 months.

Lip Augmentation - Treatment

The lips have a high sensitivity. After surgery lips are swollen and painful, but the pain is bearable.